Annabel Grant always knew she was crazy. The unrelenting déjà vu that's plagued her since childhood? Proof that she’s cursed with the same insanity that killed her mother, surely. So when her long-lost uncle kills himself, she chalks it up to her family’s genetic legacy. That is, until she uncovers the clues he left behind…

Aamon despises humanity. He’s spent eternity tormenting them, and now Annabel’s curiosity puts him directly in her path. But as the clues begin to hint at a dark secret in her family tree, Aamon soon realizes they could both be pawns in a deadly game between good and evil...

Side-by-side but worlds apart, Annabel and Aamon must work together to discover the truth hidden in her ancient lineage before the forces pursuing them get there first. But their search has dangerous consequences. And as their passion for one another deepens, so does the realization that one’s survival is inextricably linked to the other’s downfall.



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